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Commercial Painting

The appearance of your commercial property is important to customers and employees. If it looks old or poorly maintained, your business may suffer. The good news is a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your space without a large time and monetary investment. So if you have chipped, peeling, faded paint, or simply need a refresh, you owe it to yourself to hire our professional painters for service.

We offer commercial painting services for all types of commercial properties including medical facilities, restaurants, hotels, gyms and fitness centers, religious institutions, and many others. Not only will we improve the look and feel of your space, we’ll protect it from the elements.

Industrial Painting

If your warehouse, factory, manufacturing plant, or other industrial building is in need of an overhaul, RainCity Painting can help. We are experts in quality painting services for industrial buildings and know what it takes to properly paint epoxy floors, metal deck ceilings, aluminum siding, window frames, and more.

With our industrial painting services, you can keep your space in excellent condition while preventing the formation of rust and ensuring its longevity. We’ll work with your plant engineer, product manager, plant manager, or other appropriate party to plan and execute your project in a way that does not cause major interruption to your workflow.

Residential Painting

Sometimes, all your home needs to look the part is a fresh coat of paint. That’s where our residential painting services come in. From your walls and ceilings to bookcases and mantels, you can trust our professional painters to paint every room in your home. We offer exterior painting as well.

Our end goal is to leave you with a space you’re proud to call your own. Whether you’d like to conceal wear and tear, test out different paint colors, or embrace new trends, our professional painters are a great resource.

Level 5 Smooth Wall

Level 5 is the best possible finish we could apply to drywall as it allows our paint coat to be spread equally and smoothly. It’s known as the highest standard in the drywall industry and a service we recommend for most buildings, custom homes, and apartments. Our team is experienced with the proper steps and procedures to mitigate most stipple and texture from your walls and ceiling.

Millwork Painting

The millwork elements of a building are usually made in a mill and may be baseboards, mantels, crown molding, interior doors, window and door frames, stair rails, and panels. With our millwork painting service, you can spruce up your space and enhance its architectural style with ease. We can stain or paint your millwork to meet your unique style and preferences.

Our team of professionals have the advanced technique and patience it takes to paint millwork in a way that allows it to appear silky and smooth yet durable and rugged. Even if your millwork has already been painted or finished, we can redo it so that it looks newer, fresher, or gives you the beautiful change you’re longing for.

Cabinet Painting

Your cabinets are an important part of your space. If you’re displeased with their appearance, you may believe replacing them is your only option. Fortunately, you can give them a second life with professional cabinet painting from RainCity. We’ll transform your cabinets for a fraction of the cost of a cabinet replacement.

Rest assured our professionals have the extensive training and experience to paint your cabinets to perfection. We use advanced techniques and high quality products to ensure your cabinets look great for years to come.

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